Research Proposal Format – Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin

The following elements should be included in the research proposal:

Applicant Name

Research Proposal Title

File Format

The following project proposal must be uploaded in PDF format via the online submission process.

Style requirements

Applicants must use the A4 page layout and the font type ARIAL (minimum font size allowed is 11 points except for any tables applicants choose to include where the minimum font size is 8 points). Applications must have margins (2.0cm side and 1.5cm top and bottom) and single line spacing.

Page Limits

  • The maximum length for Questions 1 – 8 listed below may be 12 pages. Within this page limit, applicants are free to decide on the number of pages they will use per question.
  • References should be listed in footnotes, font size 8 or 9. However, regardless of the format used, all footnotes will count towards the page limit.
  • The CV should be no more than 3 pages. The list of publications should be no more than 5 pages. 

The following list offers you an idea of how a research proposal could be structured.

  •  Abstract (250 word limit).
  • Quality and Originality of the Proposal and the Proposed Methodology.
  • State of the Art.
  •  Relevance to the Research Theme Identified.
  • Alignment with Trinity Long Room Hub Mission and enablement of new Knowledge Transfer Pathways for Arts and Humanities Research.
  • Career Development.
  • Secondment is a Non-Academic Sector.
  • Implementation of the Research Proposal.
  • Mobility Table.
  • Family Allowance.
  • Remote Reviewers.
  • Ethics Issues Table.


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