Publication guidance

Publication plays a vital role in research. It starts with writing a quality article, choosing a suitable journal, formatting articles according to the journal, applying and get acceptance. We support in publication of articles from various disciplines of research from Arts and Science to Engineering. We also guide on how to apply an article in a suitable and fast responding journal and how to get it published at the earliest. We serve guidance to modify the articles to meet the quality of the journal.

Article writing

The high-quality article is synonymous with high-quality journal publication. So we take atmost care in writing research articles. We support writing new research articles in CSE, IT, ECE and Managerial disciplines to all types of journals like IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, IET, SCI, Scopus or any other UGC approved journals. The cost and duration of preparation depend on the type of journal.

Thesis writing

Documenting the research work is called thesis writing. This is the crux of research. We support writing a research thesis in CSE, IT, ECE and Managerial disciplines intact to the concepts stated in the research articles of the scholar. Detailed documentation of the research work can be made in less time.


Implementation of research work includes finding a research gap, generate a solution, analyzing the feasibility and implement the solution. Any programming languages like Python, Java, Dotnet, MATLAB and all types of tools like Hadoop, NS2, NS3 can be used for the implementation. The cost of implementation depends on the complexity of the solution.

Proposal writing

To apply for a research program in any University, one should submit a research proposal. It is a summary of the proposed research. It outlines the issue that the scholar is going to handle and explains his/her area of study in detail. It should justify the motive of research and plan of research. We support in writing a proposal in CSE, IT, ECE and Managerial disciplines to various Universities around the globe.