Saudi Arabia

Research Proposal Format – King Abdulaziz University

Proposed Research must consist of the following :

 In paragraph form, summarize your proposed research project below, answering each question.  Please be sure to address each point.

1. Cover Page

2. Table of Contents

3. Proposal Summary (Arabic)

Summarize the Research Plan in approximately 250-300 words. Provide the background to the research, the P.I’s idea, concept, and aim of the research, as well as the outlook for the future.

4. Proposal Summary

Same as in 3 above but in English

5. Research Objectives

Research objectives should be clear, concise and relevant to the research topic. Mention hypotheses, scope and limitation of the study.

6. Introduction and Literature Review

General background and importance of the study.

        a. What problem are you trying to solve?  Why ?

       b. Describe the larger R&D effort to which this proposal belongs, if applicable.

       c. Which aspect will be affected by the outcome of your research at CEGMR?

      d. If successful, what would be the economic impact?

      e. Up-to-date review of literature; and rational for topic selection. 

7. Research Project Design & Methodology   

    a. It must reflect the research team’s ability to achieve the stated objectives.

    b. It must reflect the research team’s awareness of the procedures and methodologies that will be used for achieving the stated objectives.

   8. Research management Plan

·         Clearly State the roles and responsibilities of each research team member.

·         Mention the plan for coordination, meeting and reports.

9. List of references

The references should be listed numerically according to their appearance in the literature review (Family name of author, other authors (if any), title, journal, volume, page and year).  List up to five of the most pertinent references from your literature review about this research topic.

10.   Utilization and Economic Impact of Expected Results

The importance of the expected results; and how they will be utilized

11.   Detailed Budget

Funding for the following services will be covered by CEGMR:

– Technical support

– Secretarial services

– Equipment

– Statistical analysis

– Traveling expenses for relevant conferences

– Publication, editing and printing

 However the research team must provide detailed budget for reagents, materials and consumables and justify their application in the following table;

12.   Consent of P-I Substitute

12. Consent
I, hereby, consent to take the responsibilities of the P.I.  In case of his / her inability to continue in the project.
Signature   Name of CO-I who will replace the PI  

13.   Investigators Specialization Area Key Words

  1- Co Investigators       
  2- Co Investigators       

14.   List of Specialists in the area of the proposal

14– List of Specialists in the Area of the Research 
1 NameAddress

15.   C. V’s for P.I. , co-investigators and consultants

Curriculum Vitae (of each research team member):

  • Personal contact data.
  • University Education; and employment history.
  • Publications & research papers


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