1. Assignment writing

Academic Assignments is the top assignment writing service provided to students worldwide.  We offer online assignment assistance to students from a variety of institutions and universities.

Services offered:

  • Assignment editing

  • Assignment writing service

  • Assistance for Assignment

   We offer academic book writing services on engineering and emerging technology topics.

2. Book writing

Services offered:

  • Book Concept discussion

  • Finalization of the book title and headings for every chapter

  • Language editing by academic experts

  • Assistance with publication

3.Conference handling

Services offered:

  • Proceeding publication

  • Journal Publication

4. Essay writing

Essays are systematic analyses and extensive assessments of a topic that aid in expressing one’s opinion on a special subject or topic.

Our specialists can assist you with a variety of essay types. Our experts can help you with analytical, expository, literature essays, research, response, classification, admission, process essays, cause and effect essays, and many other types of essays related to academic research.

We guide students and research scholars with following services.

  • Topic Selection

  • Preparing and Writing Draft

  • Revising

  • Language editing by academic experts

5.Patent filing

Patent filing is the process of submitting an application to register your innovation under the Patent Act.

Services offered:

  • You have a new invention idea but don’t know how to file a patent?

  • Don’t have an idea yet want to file a patent?

If you encounter any of the above issues, don’t worry; we’ll help you overcome them.

6.Plagiarism report generation

Plagiarism is described as the unauthorized use of another person’s ideas, opinions, examples, key words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, or even structure from their work, including anything published or created by others.

Services offered:

  • Want to check your work is plagiarized? We’ll generate and provide you a plagiarized report for your work.

  • If needed, we’ll offer rewriting or paraphrasing for your work.