Regular and Special Issue

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Regular issue Regular issues are those that appear every month or every three months, depending on the journal’s publishing schedule. For special occasions like conferences, seminars, or a particular subject, see Special Issue. Special issue A special issue (or special section) is a compilation of research papers that concentrates on a certain field of research […]

open access

Open access publishing

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Open access publishing – researcher’s perspective Open access: outline  What is open access?   Why is open access gaining traction? Why is all open access not predatory?  Ethical versus predatory open access  Why do we need to pay for open access?   How to support open access publication financially?   Researchers and research institution and open access  Types […]

Avoiding research article from rejection at first stage itself

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Your manuscript’s aims, key data, and conclusions should be clear. The abstract should begin by summarizing the research question addressed and be explicit about the work’s contribution. You should be more concern about the following things in your article: What is the research’s key point of focus? Is it exciting and relevant? How original is […]

Interdisciplinary Journals

Increasing the visibility of published article

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1) Register ORCID for your Research ORCID assigns you a unique digital identifier that separates you from other contributors and enables automatic connections between all of your professional endeavors.             ORCID provides two core functions:  A registry where you can get a one-of-a-kind id and keep track of your activities. APIs for authentication and system-to-system contact […]

How to make a covering letter for a Journal

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Covering Letter (No need to mention) — Date– Name,  Designation and College, Country. Dear Sir/Madam, I am pleased to submit an original research article entitled “Title” by “Co-author” and me for consideration for publication in “International Journal of XXX”.  This manuscript builds on our prior study to determine the “mention overview of the paper”. In this manuscript, […]

Fast Publishing SCI Journals

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The fast publishing SCI journals are citation indexed and initially developed by the Institute for Scientific Knowledge (ISI). The broader version (Science Citation Index Expanded) encompasses more than 8,500 prominent and important journals from 1900 to the present, covering 150 disciplines. Additionally, these are defined as the leading science and technology journals in the world, […]

Fast Responding Scopus Indexed Journals

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Fast Responding Scopus Indexed Journals attempts to provide you with the quick publishing speed, without losing on the consistency of the peer-review process. Scopus is the abstract and citation site for peer-reviewed literature, scientific articles, books as well as conference proceedings. Scopus provides free services to unsubscribed users which is available from Scopus Previews. Researchers […]