About us

Why we are?

Most researchers, even though have enough interest in research, get standstill in their research on how to develop an idea into implementation, reproduce their work into an article, how to tune up the prepared article, how to approach a reputed journal and how to start penning down the research thesis. ResearchBrains is an one-stop solution for all the above barriers in research. We have expertise in technologies like Digital Twin, Edge AI, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, etc.

Who we are?

We are an academic research lab committed to serve scholars in every aspect of their research from problem definition to Viva preparation. We are committed to making quality service with timely delivery. We have supported more than 250 scholars so far in their various stages of research.

About the Founder

Dr V. Raja had his doctorate in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University, Chennai, India. He bagged his Masters and Bachelors in Engineering with Computer Science Specialization. He is an MBA and has 8 years of teaching experience and 8 years of research experience. His area of interests are Data Mining, Network Security and Cloud Computing based problem-solving. He is a certified Ethical Hacker, a certified Effective Public Speaker and Speech Craft attendee. He had given more than 50 technical talks on IoT, Ethical Hacking, Android and Social Media Marketing at various Engineering and Arts Colleges.


  • Make quality and timely delivery of research
  • Improve the quality of researchers and encourage them to make research effectively
  • Break the barriers in article writing and educate scholar to get fast publication


  • To build a world-class service by providing global tools to enable easy research
  • To become a global leader in research that provide groundbreaking technologies in research