106.09.2020Research Meet Day-5 on “Effective Article Writing” Targeting the right journal. Contrasting Regular issue and Special Issue and how to target a suitable one. Researcher Identity-Orchid ID, Research Gate.
216.08.2020Research Meet Day-4 on “Effective Article Writing”Research Problem Handling. Real-time simulation.
309.08.2020Research Meet Day-3 on “Effective Article Writing”Plagiarism Checking Techniques. Technical Writing Skills for Journal Publication.
402.08.2020Research Meet Day-2 on “Effective Article Writing”Identifying the right journal for your research. h-index & i10-index. Improving citation.
526.07.2020Research Meet Day-1 on “Effective Article Writing”Types of publications. Impact factors of journals. How to write a structured article.
629.6.2020 - 04.07.2020One-Week Online Research Meet on “Patent to All”Day 1 – Introduction. Day 2 - Variants of IPR. Day 3 - Patent filing. Day 4 - Patent search. Day 5 - Patent drafting. Day 6 - Case study.
714.06.2020Research Meet on “Sponsored Proposal Writing”List of funding agencies. Selection of funding agency. Writing effective research proposal. Sample exercises.
807.06.2020Research Meet Day-6 on Patent to allCase Study on Patent. IP for Nation’s Economy.
931.05.2020Research Meet Day-5 on Patent to allBasics of Patent Drafting. Provisional Specification. Complete Specification.
1024.05.2020Research Meet Day-4 on Patent to allGoogle Search. Types of Patent Research. Basic demo on Free Patent.
1117.05.2020Research Meet Day-3 on Patent to allPatent Filling Procedure. Types of Applications. Various Entities involved in Patent Making. Forms & Fees.
1210.05.2020Research Meet Day-2 on Patent to allVariants of IP. Takeaways for Academicians.
1303.05.2020Research Meet Day-1 on Patent to allIntroduction. IPR Vs Human Brain. Creativity Boosting.