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Fast Responding Scopus Indexed Journals attempts to provide you with the quick publishing speed, without losing on the consistency of the peer-review process. Scopus is the abstract and citation site for peer-reviewed literature, scientific articles, books as well as conference proceedings. Scopus provides free services to unsubscribed users which is available from Scopus Previews. Researchers can use Scopus with their study, like search authors, and learn much more about coverage of Scopus content and source metrics.

Most of the fast responding Scopus indexed journals mentioned below are based on the computer science domain and it responds quickly in around 2 – 3 months. Additionally, we also list the area of coverage and publisher name for each Scopus indexed journal.

Lastly updated: 06.06.2022                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Scroll right for more columns –>


Network Architectures for Personal Communication Systems, Wireless LANS, Radio, Tactical and Other Wireless Networks, Design And Analysis Of Protocols, Network Management and Network Performance, Network Services and Service Integration, Nomadic Computing, Internets Working With Cable and Other Wireless Networks, Standardization and Regulatory Issues, Specific System Descriptions, Applications and User Interface, and Enabling Technologies for Wireless Networks.


8 issues per year

Availability and Reliability, Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation, and Tuning, Big Data Storage and Processing, Cloud Computing and Database-As-A-Service, Crowdsourcing, Data Curation, Annotation and Provenance, Data Integration, Metadata Management, And Interoperability, Data Models, Semantics, Query Languages, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Data Privacy, Security, Trust Data Provenance, Workflows, Scientific Data Management, Data Visualization and Interactive Data Exploration, Data Warehousing, OLAP, Analytics, Graph Data Management, RDF, Social Networks, Information Extraction and Data Cleaning, Middleware and Workflow Management, Modern Hardware and In-Memory Database Systems Query Processing and Optimization, Semantic Web and Open Data Social Networks, Storage, Indexing, and Physical Database Design, Streams, Sensor Networks, and Complex Event Processing, Strings, Texts, and Keyword Search, Spatial, Temporal, and Spatio-Temporal Databases, Transaction Processing, Uncertain, Probabilistic, and Approximate Databases.


4 issues per year

Algebra and Algebraic Logic, Computational Paradigms and Computational Complexity Description Logic, Temporal Logic, Dynamic Logic, And Modal Logic Domain Theory and Type Theory Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Set Theory, And Many-Valued Logic Substructural Logic Probability Logic, Belief Functions, Computer Networks, Data Mining, Image and Video Processing, Intelligence Agents, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Robotics, Web Intelligence.



Monthly Twice
4 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS IN TECHNOLOGY Computer applications in engineering and technology, Computer control system design, CAD/CAM, CAE, CIM and robotics, Computer applications in knowledge-based and expert systems, Computer applications in information technology and communication, Computer-integrated material processing (CIMP),Computer-aided learning (CAL), Computer modelling and simulation, Synthetic approach for engineering, Man-machine interface, Software engineering and management, Management techniques and methods, Human computer interaction, Real-time system Inderscience
Once per year
5 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER AIDED ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY Software tools, Standards and specifications, Optimisation technology , Algorithms development, Simulation technology, Product lifecycle management, Advanced manufacturing technology, CAD/CAPP/CAM/PLM/ERP/DNC/CAQ, Data mining, Supply chain Inderscience
Once per year
6 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Scientific and engineering computing, related/interdisciplinary applications, Problem-solving environments, complex systems, Advanced numerical computation and optimisation, Parallel and distributed computing, Programming models in GPU, multi/m any-core and cloud, Quantum computing technologies and applications, Distributed/federated information; knowledge management/discovery, Blockchain Cyber security and cryptography, Origami Engineering, Performance modelling, evaluation and optimisation, Modelling/simulation, visualisation, Remote sensing and multi/hyperspectral imaging, Big data mining/applications, data analytics algorithms/applications, Machine learning, statistics, deep learning and artificial intelligence Inderscience
Once per year
7 IAES INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Machine learning, Deep learning Institute Of Advanced Engineering And Science (IAES)
265.00 (USD) after accepting the article
8 INTELLIGENT DATA ANALYSIS Machine learning IOS Press 6 issuses per year    350$ , 26,070 INR
9 BIG DATA Data science and facilitates the efforts of researchers, business managers, analysts, developers, data scientists, physicists, statisticians, infrastructure developers, academics, and policymakers to improve operations, profitability, and communications within their businesses and institutions. Marry Ann Liebert Bimonthly Free

Hardware support, System architectures, Services and system support, Algorithm/protocol design and analysis, Mobile environments, Applications, Wireless communications and networks, Education and training, Emerging and non-traditional topics, Computational modelling.

InderScience Monthly Free
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  • Current Contents – Engineering, Computing & Technology
Elsevier Bimonthly Free
General literature, Hardware, Computer Systems Organization, Software, Data, Theory of Computation, Mathematics of Computing, Information Systems, Computing Methodologies, Computer Applications, Computer Milieux, Science and Technology of Learning, Knowledge Management. J.UCS Consortium Monthly


13 TURKISH JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCES Power and energy, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, electronics, industry applications, control systems, information and systems, applied electromagnetics, communications, signal and image processing, tomographic image reconstruction, face recognition, biometrics, speech processing, video processing and analysis, object recognition, classification, feature extraction, parallel and distributed computing, cognitive systems, interaction, robotics, digital libraries and content, personalized healthcare, ICT for mobility, sensors, and artificial intelligence. Scientific and Technical research Council of Turkey 6 issuses per year


14 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND APPLICATIONS Big data technologies, data visualization and data-driven innovation, Semantic Web technologies, Social Web, smart social systems,Multimedia information management, Machine intelligence.  Taylor & Francis
15 LOGICAL METHODS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Algebraic methods, Automata and logic, Automated deduction, Categorical models and logic, Coalgebraic methods, Computability and Logic, Computer-aided verification, Concurrency theory, Constraint programming, Cyber-physical systems, Database theory, Defeasible reasoning, Domain theory, Emerging topics: Computational systems in biology, Emerging topics: Quantum computation and logic, Finite model theory, Formalized mathematics, Functional programming and lambda calculus, Inductive logic and learning, Interactive proof checking, Logic and algorithms, Logic and complexity, Logic and games, Logic and probability, Logic for knowledge representation, Logic programming, Logics of programs, Modal and temporal logics, Program analysis and type checking, Program development and specification, Proof complexity, Real time and hybrid systems, Reasoning about actions and planning, Satisfiability, Security, Semantics of programming languages, Term rewriting and equational logic, Type theory and constructive mathematics. Logical Methods in Computer Science 6 issues per year Free
16 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER AIDED ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY Software tools, Standards and specifications, Optimization technology, Algorithms development, Simulation technology, Product life cycle management, Advanced manufacturing technology,CAD/CAPP/CAM/PLM/ERP/DNC/CAQ, Data mining, Supply chain . Inderscience 
Monthly  Free 
17 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INTERNET TECHNOLOGY AND SECURED TRANSACTIONS Networked system architecture and protocols,Networked system services and applications, Networked system security, privacy and trust, Digital crypto-currencies in networked systems, Incentives in networked systems, Malware and ransomware targeting networked systems, Rootkit and bootkit targeting networked systems, Security vulnerabilities in networked systems, Offensive security for networked systems, Reverse engineering . Inderscience 
Monthly  Free 
18 CYBERNETICS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES Information processes and systems, operational research, pattern recognition, signal and image processing, artificial intelligence, linguistic modelling, control theory and applications, high performance computing, scientific computations, computer communication technologies, software technologies. Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Quarterly Free
19 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS AND APPLICATIONS Innovative software / hardware, new technology, high impact computer applications and future development with Taylor & Francis Monthly Free


Discontinued Journals from Scopus list

Here are some list of journals removed by Scopus recently (On February 2022)

1 Computer & Structures 00457949 Elsevier BV
2 International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change 22011315 Primrose Hall Publishing Group
3 Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology 1206212X Elsevier BV
4 Foundations and Trends in Information Retrieval 15540669 Now Publishers Inc.
5 ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology 21576904 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
6 ACM Computing Surveys 03600300 Association for Computing Machinery, Inc.
7 Foundations and Trends in Machine Learning 19358237 Now Publishers Inc.

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