Format Research Proposal- University of Western Australia

Why write a research proposal?

There are two good reasons why students are obligated to undertake the task of writing an effective and comprehensively planned Research Proposal. Firstly, this is a mazariadis 2 5/06/2017 document that presents the case for an idea, your idea, and, because a Masters or PhD research project requires a large investment of time, energy and resources – by both you and the University – more experienced researchers must be persuaded that the idea (formulated as a research question) warrants this sort of investment. Why should this be the case? It is because each new project contains an element of risk or uncertainty. What you are proposing in this idea of yours has probably never been done before, indeed, this is what makes it significant and important. So it is logical that we should do everything possible to maximize your chances of success. The proposal approval system exists to ensure that you have made a realistic, well formulated judgement as to the significance and viability of your research question.


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