Writing Winning Proposal

How to write a Fund Winning Research Proposal

Writing a fund winning research proposal is important to demonstrate that you have worthwhile project to undertake and also to provide stepping stone for new opportunities.

Research funding gives recognition and popularity to the researcher and his/her educational institution.  But, writing a grant proposal can be a difficult task particularly for the inexperienced researcher. As many funding agencies reduced research budgets and more research competes for it, it has become extremely good to write a high-quality grant proposal. The below video helps you to write a fund winning proposal.

Various typical funding agencies are whose needs even not known to others. Many people will run behind AITCE, UGC for a writing proposal. But competition is very high in these cases when there is a call for proposal. But there are certain call for proposal where the competition is less. So, in this video secret tips are given for writing a proposal without rejection.

 For selecting funding agency, background check has to be carried out about the funding agencies. In this video, we have also discussed about,

  • How to start writing a proposal?
  • How to make a layout and time management?
  • How to get funds for research from Government?

Additionally, we have shown the n number of successful proposal samples . Also,  the ways to write each and every question is explained in detailed manner.


  •  List of funding agencies
  • Selection of funding agency
  • Writing effective research proposal
  • Salient points to remember
  • Sample exercises
How to write a Fund winning research proposal?

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