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Research Statements and Proposals-university of Chicago

  • a statement of research/scholarship interests
  • a proposal not to exceed 1,500 words, double-The Ask spaced, describing the general scope of the project and the specific work proposed during the fellowship term
  • a statement of current and future research plans
  • a brief summary of your research interests
  • a statement of plans for work and their relation to the community’s theme
  • research statement of the project to be undertaken during the fellowship period
  • a description of research activities
  • a research plan of no more than 2000 words
Research StatementResearch Proposal
To apply for tenure-track
professorships and VAPs
To apply for predoctoral and
postdoctoral fellowships

Describes past, present,
and future scholarship
Proposes project(s)
to be completed during
a set time period

Research overview; Past
research; Current research;
Future research
Research Questions; Argument;
Methodology; Timeline; Outputs


1.5 to 2 pages (HUM & SS)
2 to 3 pages (PSYCH)

source : https://www.ed.ac.uk/studying/postgraduate/applying/your-application/research-proposals

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