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Sample Research Proposal- University of Melbourne


Accurate and fast traffic flow forecasting is vital in intelligent transportation system because many of the advanced features in intelligent transportation systems are based on it. However, existing methods have poor performance regarding accuracy and computational efficiency in long-term traffic flow forecasting under big data. Hence, we propose an improved Long short-term memory (LSTM) Network and its cluster computing implementation in this paper to address the above challenge. We propose a singular point probability LSTM (SDLSTM) algorithm. The method discards the units of the network according to the singular point probability during the training process and amends the SDLSTM by Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Model (ARIMA) to achieve the accurate prediction of 24-hour traffic flow data. Furthermore, the paper designs a scheme for implementing this method through cluster computing to shorten the calculation time and improve the system’s operating speed. Theoretical analysis and experimental results show that SDLSTM gains a higher accuracy rate and better stability in the long-term traffic flow forecasting compared with previous


Refer: a long short – term traffic flow prediction method optimized by cluster computing

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