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Format for Proposal of Research -Imperial College of London


Title of research


one paragraph explaining what this thing is about: what the domain of the intended research is, what the pressing issues are etc

Research question

 one paragraph explaining a specific research question (or questions) relating to the above

Research design and methods

  • one paragraph explaining the research design to address the above question(s). This could include,
  • research methods (e.g., for management research, this could be inductive case research; survey research; archival research; experiments; etc)
  • empirical context: what is the empirical context or the source of data to be used analysis methods

Intended contributions
 one paragraph explaining what the likely contributions of this research would be: What will we know with this research that was not known before, and why is it important to know this?

Potential supervisors for Humanities and Bioinspired Science and Technology


Four members of staff in the centre for the history of science who all supervise PhD students:
  • Andrew Mendelsohn
  • David Edgerton
  • Andrew Warwick
  • Abigail Woods





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