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Internal Funding is supported by the university by their college committees and their staff members.



As part of enhancing the membership services, they are providing educational assistance in the form of grants to members to conduct research.


Applications for research grants are open to members of IIA Malaysia. However, the topic of the proposed research must be relevant to Malaysian internal audit practices or internal audit education.

Applications are generally limited to the following disciplines:

  1. Audit Committees
  2. Corporate Governance
  3. Audit Management
  4. Audit Tools & Methodology
  5. Development of Audit Profession
  6. Financial Services
  7. Fraud, Ethics and Laws
  8. Risk Management
  9. Syariah Audit


  • The grant amount will be on a project basis. IIA Malaysia funds are intended to function as complementary support.
  • The applications for research grants will be reviewed and approved by the Research and Technical Advisory Committee (RTAC). Applicants may be required to present their proposals and attend an interview with the RTAC members.
  • The RTAC will monitor the progress of the research till completion and deal with any issues that may arise in relation to the research proposal.
  • Funding will be disbursed in stages as per agreed key project milestones.
  • Appropriate documentation has to be maintained to support and justify the costs and time reported. The documentation must be precise and complete.
  • Applicants for a Research Grant are required to complete the Application Form which can be downloaded from


Research Grants will be awarded based on the relevance and timeliness of the topic proposed for research, the likelihood of successful and timely completion of the project and the likelihood of the project leading to findings that can be published and widely disseminated.

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Internal grants are funded from internal UNIMAS resources. The purpose of these funds are to encourage generation of theory, concept and early ideas which can be the platform towards new discovery and innovation. All UNIMAs internal grants can be applied through the iRIS system.

General Guideline for UNIMAS Internal Grant

1. UNIMAS Internal Grant Scheme

Detail on current internal funds on offer can be obtained from or

2. Grant Management

Progress report for all internal grant must be submitted every six (6) months through iRIS via The call for progress report submission will be made by RIEC in June and December each year.

3. Grant Budget

Vot 11000 Salary and Wages – not all internal grants allowed to have this vot in the budget. Please check with the respective grant guideline. The appointment of Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) under this vot must be at least for one (1) year and can be done by filling in the GRA form available from

4. Output of Research 

Generally, all UNIMAS internal grant are required two (2) indexed publications (SCOPUS/ISI) for Science and Technology S&T grant and one (1) indexed publication for non-S&T before the grant can be considered for closing unless otherwise stated in the respective internal research grant guideline.

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Curtin Malaysia Collaborative Research Scheme

The aim of the Curtin Malaysia Collaborative Research (CSCR) scheme is to:

  • promote interdisciplinary/collaborative research in the university, build skills in the preparation of competitive external grant applications.
  • The CSCRS is for project proposals of 2 years in duration. The maximum grant awardable is normally RM50,000.


  • Must be a member of the academic staff of Curtin University, Malaysia.
  • Have sufficient tenure at Curtin to allow completion of their projects.
  • Principal Investigators of current CMCR or CMRI funded projects may apply if their current projects can be shown to be at least 75% completed.
  • An individual can submit only one application as Principal Investigator.

Application form

The application form will be available when the scheme opens every year.

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Faculty of Science funding

The Faculty of Science is committed to supporting the research of academic staff.  The Faculty has two internal funding schemes supporting the procurement of research equipment and conference attendance and travel.

Equipment and pump priming

The Faculty offers a ‘pump-priming’ scheme in which researchers may apply for funding with the goal that the pump priming funding will set the platform for exploring major external grant applications.The following conditions apply: 

  • open to academic staff who have been at UNMC less than three years or academics who have not applied for the grant before.
  • There are two annual calls, in January and June.
  • successful applicants cannot reapply for funding.
  • applications must be via the application form (in pdf format).
  • a maximum of RM15,000 may be awarded.

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The University is committed to investing in people and providing a favorable research environment to address both local and global issues. QIU has the Internal Research Grant Scheme (IRGS) to assist the researchers to gain a competitive edge as well as develop a positive track record for securing external grants.

The following are the objectives of the Internal Research Grant Scheme (IRGS):

  • To help develop research collaborations with relevant industry partners as well as other external researchers from local as well as International Research Institutions and Universities.
  • To provide research funding for projects that are strategically aligned with the University’s research priorities.
  • To recognise individual researcher excellence at all career stages.


Applications are opened twice a year, depending on the availability of funding.

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