Python Programming

Python is a high-level programming language which is simple to understand and easy to design.  It is a free and open source platform for commercial applications. Python can run on Mac, Windows, and UNIX systems and has also been ported to Java and .NET virtual machines.

Applications of Python

1. Web Development

Web frameworks that are based on Python like Django and Flask have recently become very popular for web development. Python has been used to create a variety of web-frameworks including CherryPy, Django, Turbo Gears, Bottle, Flask etc.

2. Data Science

Python community has developed many modules to help programmers implement machine learning. Python is great for backend web development, data analysis and visualization, artificial intelligence, deep learning and scientific computing.

3. Game Development

Python has various modules, libraries and platforms that support development of games. For example, PySoy is a 3D game engine supporting Python 3.

4. Operating Systems

Python is often an integral part of Linux distributions. For instance, Ubuntu’s Ubiquity      Installer, and Fedora’s and Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s Anaconda Installer are written in Python.

5. Prototyping

Besides being quick and easy to learn, Python also has the open source advantage of being free with the support of a large community. This makes it the preferred choice for prototype development.

6. Language development

Python’s design and module architecture has influenced development of numerous languages. Boo language uses an object model, syntax and indentation, similar to Python.

7. GUI-Based Desktop Applications

Python has simple syntax, modular architecture, rich text processing tools and the ability to work on multiple operating systems which make it a desirable choice for developing desktop-based applications.

8. Enterprise and Business Applications

Reddit, which was originally written in Common Lips, was rewritten in Python in 2005. Python also contributed in a large part to functionality in YouTube.

9. Development of Automation Tool

Automation tools are developed based on Python in order to retrieve needed files from huge data.

10. CAD Applications

Computer-Aided Designing is a very complicated application to make as many things have to be taken care of. Objects and their representation, functions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to something like this. Python makes this simple too and the most well-known application for CAD is Fandango.

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