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How to write an article for Scopus indexed journals?

Scopus Indexed journal

Scopus indexed journals

The easiest way of writing a Scopus Indexed journal is as follows:

  • Find your interested Domain

The very first step in writing your article is to pick an interesting research domain. So, find a domain you want to make your research like Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing. 

  • Select an area in your interested domain

Select anyone interested area from that domain such as clustering in Mobile computing.  Generally, it is better to choose a broader area than a narrow one. For example, if clustering is chosen, it can be compared with many other domains like Data Mining, Cloud Computing and Big Data, etc.

  • Identify a problem in your interested domain

Generally, Identifying the research problem is the first step every researcher should take. So, find anyone problem by making a literature survey in that particular area. For example, such as reducing the time consumption when clustering of data in Mobile Computing. While identifying a research problem, ensure that it is feasible.

  • Find solutions from other domains

After identifying problems, find existing solutions in some other domains similar to your interested domain. For example,  Data mining or Cloud Computing which uses the same attributes like yours. However, the selected areas should be relevant to your domain.

  • Make an in-depth study to adapt other domain’s solution into yours

However, definitely there could be the same problem addressed in that domain in different ways. Thus, make an in-depth study of that solution. If possible, adapt the same solution to our domain accordingly. But mind it we cannot use the same solution in that domain into ours. So, we have to be thorough in our domain such that we could make all the modifications to make a novel solution suitable for our problem.

In short, this is the easiest way to write a novel article in the shortest time span.  Also, checkout a fast responding Scopus journals listed mentioned as well.

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